Buying process

How to buy a horse ?

  1. Contact us

    Contact us

    You may use the contact form or call us directly.

  2. We call you back

    We call you back

    In order to provide any extra information you may need and to set up an appointment.

  3. You come round a first time

    You come round a first time

    You are welcome to come and meet any horse you are interested in, as well as its companions and the people that take care of them.

  4. You come back to pick up the horse

    You come back to pick up the horse

    With the veterinarian and the carrier of your choice, you may come to pick up the horse and collect its papers.

    • Horses' papers authentication

      On-premises horses have identification papers that the French national studfarms issued after their importation or birth.

      Each animal has a SIRE number from French national studfarms and an identifier for the ICHO register, which logs entire genealogies.

    • Facilities

      Car park

      Access to the Curly de Provence farm is easy. Once at the edge of the farm, a custom roadsign will help guiding you.

      Once on the premises, there are no difficulties in handling and maneuvering long vehicles, tows and trailers.


      During the farm renovation, a choice was made to also refurbish a ruined building, that just laid there in the middle.

      This central building is composed of four rooms, in which you may be accommodated if you come from far away.

      The breeding premises, quite isolated and outside the Chantemerle-Lès-Grignan village, is located between two beautiful sites for accommodation: Moulin de Valaurie and, more affordable, Mas de Fanny.

      The region is full of accommodation and catering solutions at any time of the year.

      Discovery day

      Long beforehand, it is possible to plan a safe welcome-day, that will allow you to make contact with the Curly horse, while the breeder-doctor is there.

      Discovering the Curly horse in a safely manner is possible! Through medical presence and throught the fact that there are only hypoallergenic horses on-site.

      Operating for more than six years, we've witnessed that every single allergic person who was ever hosted here (from one hour up to a full day) had no allergic reaction whatsoever to Curly horses. Even in cases of very strong allergy, as, for instance, a case of severe asthma even tens of meters away from the closest horse.

      It is also possible to request a free Curly horsehair sample, in order to directly verify your own absence of reaction, which is a systematic reaction for people who are allergic to non-Curly horsehair.

      Cheval Curly en pleine nature